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Mega Ndira Resources CC.  As the full name describes, MNR’s core business lies within civil engineering construction and more specifically:

  • Earthworks
  • Pipelines
  • Roads
  • Concrete structures
  • Municipal infrastructure

Do you need a path to be laid, palisade to be installed or retainer walls or fencing to be constructed? We specialise in small civil engineering projects and will gladly take on your project. We work with care and accuracy, and each completed project reflects our good workmanship.

For paving, we work in your chosen medium, be it tar, concrete, concrete slabs or paving bricks. Our work is made to last, and we complete projects by deadline and within budget. For fencing, our priorities include achieving the desired level of security as well as an aesthetically pleasing look.

Mega Ndira resources  is based in Airport Industria, Cape Town, Western Cape and projects are primarily executed, but not limited to the Western Cape. The Company is registered with the Construction Industries Development Board with a rating of 6CE  PE 2 SH  AND 1 GB and registration number 231861.

Mega Ndira resources  strives to:

  • Provide professional service and products of good quality, appropriate to Clients’ needs.
  • Be a leader in the provision of products and service that embodies quality as well as efficiency in both operation and cost to our clients.
  • Differentiate ourselves through consistently providing our clients with the best service across all areas of our operations.
  • Become the preferred service provider and a premier distributor of Water Management Devices (WMD) by extending market penetration nationwide.
  • To build a positive and lasting legacy.

Path laying in public spaces

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