Get the right cleaning company and attract customers

As cleanliness and hygiene are essential aspects in making shopping malls, offices and public spaces appealing to shoppers, staff and clients, contracting the right cleaning company is vital.

Research conducted in Australia shows that 66% of shoppers cut their shopping trips short to avoid dirty toilets and food courts, while many would consider avoiding a dirty centre altogether. With competition growing in the online shopping space, brick and mortar retailers should do everything possible to attract clients through an exceptional customer experience.

Our cleaning routine not only addresses all the areas that customers frequent, but also gives extra attention to high traffic areas, such as our clients‘ store entrances, checkout areas and toilets. By providing a constantly clean environment, we can make a positive impact on a customer’s first impression and this encourages them to visit again soon.

By employing the right team, training interventions and use of the right chemicals and equipment, we can ensure our clients’ facilities are kept spotlessly clean with minimal disruption to customers. Good supervision, experience in cleaning a variety of surfaces and the flexibility to work after hours also contributes to our success, as we aim to please our clients.

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